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Sharepoint in Education – the other side of things

I’ve already posted about why I like Sharepoint so much and it was quite interesting to spend Friday in Warwick with Mike Herrity and co presenting about Sharepoint in Education.

Mike’s blog goes into full details about who presented and what on, but here is my presentation as I looked more towards sharepoint 2010 as a business tool.

Why on earth would you take a business point of view for something that should be about education? Have a watch of my presentation below and I hope it explains my thinking a bit more.

Sharepoint 2010 for school Leaders

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I hope to spend more time on this in the coming months … to cover areas such as using Sharepoint for managing department or SLT meetings, tracking of performance management … there are lots of things to cover in fact.

If you have any clear examples of sharepoint as a management tool feel free to drop a note on here too.

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