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And The Story Begins

1st September 2010

And so, the interpid geek sets foot in the hidden undergrowth of looking at how using Windows 7 affects productivity. The startup disk on my MacBookPro is set to my Boot Camp partition, I have made heavy use of my Technet subscription to get pretty much all the MS apps I might want for general business use, and then delved into the blogs from the Microsoft Summer Camp to get all the add-ins and extra apps suggested their (though I think the other folk in the office might soon learn to question my choice of SongSmith!)

I have now also started a page to log the apps I use and try to collate any notes or link to any blog posts.

I will not be sticking soleyl with MS based apps, but if I am working in an MS environment then MS apps will be my primary choice until I need to try something different.

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