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From the depths…

After looking at a number of friends setting up auto-tweeting tools from their blogs, something I already do, I spotted that they are also digging out posts from their archives … sometimes it can be a little confusing as there is no indication that it is an old post, but it has been fun to revisit some of the posts anyway.

And so I am now looking at similar tools and finding that the best option is for me to choose a post, update it and ensure that the tweet has in it [blog archive], the short URL, the title of the post and the original date. Since I am going to be selective about the posts from the archive I don’t mind spending some time doing this … but will look for ways to automate it.

I also know that my blog and my tweets get viewed by a number of different audiences and different times of the day. Would it be too much to tweet it more than once? The best times for me are 9am, 1pm and 8.30pm … is three times too often? Only a small proportion of my followers will see it more than once.

I will also be using one of my other blog spaces to republished some archives too … this is so it is part of the #NorthantsBLT, #4Northants and #HETUP projects. These will go out via …

Also, if you find a post in my archives you think others would like reading then please let me know.

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It’s an Awards thing!

It is lovely to see people truly get the recognition they deserve when they have done something good. It doesn’t matter whether it is the appreciation of children and parents at the end of a school year, that round of applause after presenting at a TeachMeet, seeing your blog referred to many times or the simple recognition by fellow educationalists.

There is also a bit of cynicism around awards for those in education or providing products / services in education. There are big awards for Teachers, novel awards via LWF, trade awards at things like BETT, Impact awards from NAACE and the old Excellence awards from Becta.

Say what you want about the TES Schools Awards, if you look at the schools and groups nominated for ‘Outstanding ICT Learning Initiative or Partnership’ in the TES School Awards you have to say that these are a good bunch, with folk nominated or winning awards previously … and this year we have a rather interesting group from Northamptonshire up there too.

I am so proud to see that Northants BLT is up there too. What started off as the brain child of two rather interesting characters has taken on a mind of its own … and it was designed that way.

The drive provided by Peter Ford and Tom Rees to create a grass-roots network of educators who wanted to try things, share things, improve things and keep doing that under their own steam has, in my mind, taken the best out of TeachMeets, school partnerships, Study Centres, area-based working and individual skills of those involved, so it is quite correct that it gets the recognition it deserves.

So as I travel down with the motley crew to the awards today I have to ask myself … will I be any less proud if they don’t win? No, of course not … and I already know that winning is not the reason they are there … in fact it is not the reason I will be going down either … I am going down to have a look at the wonderful things others are doing and taking it as another opportunity to share and network.