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No such thing as a free ride!

Well … people keep telling me that and then pointing me at Open Source software (I like OSS, agree with OSS and want people to use more, but it is not the be all and end all!)
When many people talk about OSS they forget that it is FOSS that is actually important. The missing word from the acronym is ‘Free’ and there are a lot of options available out there for adding free tools into your existing sharepoint site.
A few good examples I have come across so far all tend to involve small widgets  you generate a tool that can be embedded into you pages.
Let’s take Voki as a start. allows you to create free, speaking avatars. I have one welcoming people on this blog and it is simple to create. Register yourself, choose a character, choose your background and enter your text. You might have to enter words phonetically but it can be fun trying out what you can make it say in the different accents.
Take the created code and paste it into a content editor web part (add it via the source editor rather than the rich text editor), save and publish .. hey presto, you have a talking introduction to your page. A nice way to welcome your students or others taking part in a project. Of course, Voki can do so much more as well … but half the fun is exploring.
I hope to include a number of other examples in the coming weeks and these will be based around others shared with me by regulars of Please feel free to add your suggestions as comments and we can collate them all together.