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Searching for that elusive fact!

After reading Ray Fleming’s recent blog entries about writing blogs I was most interested episode 3 where he talked about getting onto the first page of Google and why Google was the important used engine in the UK.

We were also lucky enough to have Adam Bates, from Encyclopedia Britannica, come along to the Northants IT Managers’ Network where he talked about the misuse of search engines to look for images (mainly Google Images) and forgetting (or ignoring) the copyright implications.

When Ray first blogged about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and blogging I tweeted back about how would you do it for Bing… half in jest, but after thinking about it, it is now a serious question.

So, I am lucky at what options are available to me to try and spend a month without Google. I must alter my search bars to use something else and I think Bing and Yahoo will take to the fore, but I am looking for other suggestions too.

If you want to look for something specific where do you go? For news I would tend to go for BBC or Sky, sport is BBC or Sky, pictures I would go to Flickr… and so on.

Please feel free to add your suggestions and I will blog each day to let you know how it goes…. Now to work out how to change Safari on iPhone to use something other than google.