#naace2009 meets Wordle

I got a DM (Direct Message) on twitter at the end of the week from @advisorymatters (Gareth Davies, the past chair of NAACE to those not submerged in the Twitterverse) with a link to a Wordle generated from all the tweets at that recent Strategic conference. Then it struck me that I just don’t make enough use of tag clouds, word clouds and so on. I have a few documents that I am working on at the moment that bring up interesting word clouds but try it yourself. http://www.wordle.net/

Oh well .. here is the wordle in question anyway.

NAACE Conference Tweet Wordle

Oh, and the other thing you can do if you are running office 2000-2003 is to add the bullfighter plug-in … it does some very interesting analysis of words used and language.

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